LIMESODA primarily works with food and beverage/
retails clients in 4 areas:
Branding and Corporate Identity
Business Development and Research
Marketing & Visual Materials Design
Public Relations
Branding and Corporate Identity
  We consult, design and assist you in developing a restaurant/café concept that will be successful and profitable. Our professionals have worked for various branded restaurants of the food and beverage business and are specialists in restaurant and catering start up projects (such as Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, Japanese restaurant, café, coffee shop, bakery, food court, club and bars). Branding your concept sets you apart from the other players in your food segment. We will tweak your concept and bring together all of the components that define you including uniforms, website, logo, menu, decoration.

Corporate branding is one of the most valuable marketing tools at your disposal, as such it is important to invest in developing a professional corporate identity that will set you apart from your competitors and attract new customers in a cohesive and memorable manner.
Business Development and Research
  We can help you to find the right location for your restaurant/café. It all starts with a site survey of each location by conducting evaluation of competitors, review of market growth potential, location visibility and leasing terms.

We provide tailor-made marketing survey upon your request to investigate your customer needs. We also provide news clipping services on trendy food and beverage / retails hot issues and information of your competitors.
Marketing & Visual Materials Design
  We turn all concepts and branding elements into implementation. It is an extended service to reinforce and strengthen your concept and branding for your restaurant/café. Our marketing team will identify your marketing niche and concepts into:
  Menu Engineering
  We can provide critical feedback from marketing perspective, nutritional analysis, menu layout and photo shooting and design for your food and beverage business.
  Marketing and Promotion
  We can develop your tailor made marketing plan with your operation team and implement into action with our effective communication channels and visual support and materials.
Advertising Plan
E-marketing Plan (website development & other e-channels)
All Point of Selling Materials (POSM) and Point of Purchases
Line up for joint promotion and cross sales promotion with targeted parties
Public Relations
  In order to breakthrough your brand and increase the brand awareness and lure your customers, we believe that media coverage are important to your success of business. It introduces your restaurant/café to your targeted audience. LIMESODA can line up suitable media including the applications of social networks and blogs for your food and beverage business.

We have a strong and powerful network with the major media in Hong Kong. We are able to deliver your message to your target audience via our strategically selected media..
  LIMESODA also provides the following services:
Events/Grand Opening Ceremony/ Shop Opening Event
Create fresh and new marketing angle
Copywriting and Press Release preparation and execution
Media invitation
News clipping services
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